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Author: Cindy Ham Shin Nee

Tasty BBQ dinner by Imbam! The man behind Mr.J..

To Imbam : Your potato salad , spaghetti, kau kau marinated chicken , prawn and etc. are super yummy!! I miss em chicken man! hahahh! Now, let's cut to the chase and check out d'pictures! =)

Stephen : "YOU MUST BLOW FIRST BEFORE YOU EAT!" hahahhaha!!


Ketchup covered mouth!

Chefs for the night!

Poor Kitty joined us :)

take 1

take 2

take 3


Chef is done for the day..time to eat!

Imbam: Yadaaa,Yadaa, daddad..
Greg : Ah Right...yea yea..
Stephen : See!! See!! I told you!!
Imbam: Fusyoooh!!!
Greg : Errh..yea...

Now for the VIDEO!

(sorry for the low quality vid, next time we shall use a better cam!)

That basically end the night.